What does P.U.A.D. stand for

Organization Mission Statement

People United to Advance the Dream primary mission is to honor Dr.King’s
legacy through a collaboration of community leaders, business executives, civic
organizations and academic institutions to encourage and implement scholarships,
community service, and promote cultural progressiveness. Practice awareness diversity
and human rights through celebration of the values learned by the life of Dr.Martin
Luther King, Jr. These values include compassion, courage, dedication, equality, freedom
harmony and justice.


The principal objectives of P.U.A.D are the following:

  • P.U.A.D. will stand and connect new links to the original mission of our organization to advance the “Dream”
  • In the pursuit of equity, justice, and freedom for all people, the organization commitment is to provide ongoing
    service to the local communities, which is the legacy of Dr.Martin Luther King, Jr.

2017 DREAM Goal

  • Dispel: hunger by feeding thousands of undeserved people through the distribution of food by partnnering with Bay Area Food Bank
  • Redirect & Renew: through the Dream Prison Ministry and “It Takes a Village Outreach Initiative”
  • Elevate and Educate: Award 25 college students with 25 scholarships
  • Advocate the Undeserved: Jack & Jill Partnership, The Take Village Homeless Program…Partner with the NAACP and follow and resolve 15 cases of injustices
  • Motivate: others through the creation of 50 internship opportunities through The InRoads Program for 50 youth

P.U.A.D. Initiatives

Quaterly Events

  • It Takes a Village: A Community Awareness Outreach Services Events consisting of:
  • Blood Pressure Checks
  • Food Bank
  • Utilities supports

Ongoing Services

  • Healing the Hurt: To provide counseling Services:
  • Outreach Services through the Boys & Girls Club
  • Mentoring and Internship Programs
  • Group Interaction
  • Refreshments provided